7 Travel Tips from my followers!

Travel Tips from my followers

In celebration of UAE Flag Day on Nov 3, a few of my lovely followers have shared a few tricks up their sleeves on travel. While one may have his or her own way of traveling comfortably, there's always a thing or two to learn from others' experiences that can make your next trips more enjoyable! Here are their 7 top tips as well my 2 cents/fils. Happy wandering!

Travel Tips from my followers: Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Shop through your credit card companies’ online portal to earn points faster to redeem for free tickets. Posted by: adamhillyeah

My 2 fils: Many airline-affiliated credit cards have fabulous offers where you get to earn more points, cash backs, and discounts when you shop through their websites directly.  Select the card affiliated with your preferred airline, inquire about the sign-up bonus and annual fees, and make sure you pay off the full balance every month.  

Travel Tips from my followers: Battery


Always keep a power bank that can charge your phone handy in case it runs out of battery. Posted by: haroontahir

My 2 fils: Travel often means many hours out and about, and if you use your phone to take pictures, then it also means a quick battery drain. Use a quality power station to keep charged on the go. Also, simply enabling the Low Battery Mode gives you an additional 3 hours easy! 

Travel Tips from my followers: Google Maps

Google Maps

Download offline maps before you travel so you don't have a nightmare with the phone bill when you get home. Posted by ahahadi

My 2 fils: Even if you have a foreign SIM, Google Maps can take up much of your data. So this free feat really is incredible in no-Wifi zones. Read up on how to download the maps and use them for directions when exploring new grounds. Unfortunately, the offline maps feature is not available in all countries so look for other alternatives (e.g. local apps).

Travel Tips from my followers: Packing Luggage

Socks & Snow

Stuffing clean socks in shoes saves space and acts as de facto shoe trees. Oh and never eat yellow snow. Posted by mohize

My 2 fils: Use the empty space inside your shoes to pack socks and other items that don’t spill! If the collaboration with the insoles is worrying, use plastic wrap as a barrier in between. And yes, please don’t ever eat yellow snow! 

Travel Tips from my followers: The Locals

The Locals

Ask the locals about their favorite food places and what they enjoy for leisure time. They'll direct you to the best places. Posted by jor.dav

My 2 fils: There are many tourist traps conveniently located next to major attractions. You’ll almost always spot restaurants with English and picturesque menus offering every dish imaginable. Look for the local favorites by asking around. Places off the main roads tend to be cheaper too! 

Travel Tips from my followers: Medication


Always make sure to carry medication while travelling, it comes in aid during emergencies. Posted by omisabu

My 2 fils: This is extremely important if it’s a prescription medicine, or taken in daily doses as you may not find it available in other countries. Always consult the local embassy as some drugs may be allowed in even if their use is permitted in the country of departure. Also, carry a written prescription and leave the meds in their original packaging. 

Travel Tips from my followers: Re-visiting


We love and recommend re-visiting places because you see so much more the second time. Posted by naynaythedivine

My 2 fils: Oh definitely! After you’ve crossed off your must-see attractions in your first visit, a second trip will give you the chance and most importantly, the time, to better appreciate the sights, discover new neighborhoods and trails, and maybe even the locals’ favorite hangouts. 

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