cultural walking tour of Dubai

Old Dubai Cultural Tour

Take a morning or afternoon trip with me in Old Dubai where the caravan camels once roamed. Wander the streets and souks, immerse in the local Emirati culture, and experience this magical city like a native.

Duration: 4 hours

Requirements: An appetite for culture and food!

cultural walking tour of Dubai including falconry

The Falconry Tour

Learn about a few very special friends to the Emirati bedouins. Interact with the wandering birds before marching the streets by foot, witnessing the city's trade, and learning much ado about Dubai's incredible growth.

Duration: 4 hours

Requirements: An appetite for culture!

Camel Desert Safari in dubai

Camel Desert Safari

Wander across Dubai's golden dunes and discover where the desert-dwellers once roamed. Enjoy a meet and greet with the camels, hop on for a royal ride, unravel the traditions of the Bedouin tribes and enjoy an authentic dinner under the stars. 

Duration: 5 hours

Requirements: A passion for the desert!


Private/Corporate Tours

A private excursion just for you based on your interests. That could mean anything from culture, photography, food, art, shopping, or just pure and simple sightseeing with a local. You'll get an insider's perspective and get to enjoy this fantastic city like a native! 



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