Facts about me:

  • I've lived in the UAE for over 25 years

  • An ideal night for me would be a Harry Potter marathon with a bucket load of Garrett’s caramel popcorn

  • I can’t go to bed without putting on an episode of Friends

  • I will pick Nutella over any main meal. Hands down

  • I lived in Madrid where I was completing my MBA, and fell in love with Spain

  • I (used to) take Spanish classes every Friday and can’t wait to have a conversation that extends past 'Hola!

  • I love meeting people

  • One of my all-time favorite quotes and inspiration: “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change you. It leaves marks on your memory, on your consciousness, on your heart, and on your body. You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” - Anthony Bourdain

  • I'm a licensed Dubai and Abu Dhabi tour guide

Why Dubai and Abu Dhabi?

Every time I travel, I always want to explore the cities I visit like a local; not necessarily skipping out on the Louvre, but knowing exactly where Parisians like to picnic on a Saturday or where they get their macaron fix (P.S it’s Pierre Hermé).

Having studied abroad, I almost always have friends and classmates visiting who I love to take out and show around. Our initial conversations typically involve them reveling about the Burj Khalifa and ‘that sail shaped 7‐star hotel’.  Despite my many years here, I’m also equally dumbfounded by these 2 masterpieces and find myself staring at them in awe many times. Same goes for food. I’m a big BIG foodie. And both Dubai and Abu Dhabi do not disappoint when it comes to culinary experiences. Some of the world’s best restaurants have made their way here. And for good reason. Us Dubai‐ans love a good meal. And will go great lengths to find seats at the dining table. 

So if it's your first time in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, I'm sure you have a couple of these places scribbled down on your to-do list.

If not, here are the top 5 in Dubai:

  1. Dubai Mall

  2. Burj Khalifa

  3. Burj Al Arab

  4. Madinat Jumeirah

  5. The Palm Islands / Atlantis Hotel

So once you've checked those off on your own, we can meet up and get to discover the many other incredible reasons that make Dubai ‘Dubai’ and Abu Dhabi ‘Abu Dhabi’ that rarely make it to any visitor’s itinerary. Places that have been built over the years by its people and have given both cities their own unique flavor. And I want to show you just why, I and many other residents, love living here.

Why book a tour guide? 

There's a certain stereotype about tour guides that makes people think twice before booking one. They can be boring, take you to the typical sights, and run on a strict schedule preventing you from wandering off and exploring by yourself.

I, too, travel around the world and hesitate before booking a guide for the same reason. If I'm in a world famous sight and I spot a random shop in the corner of a street that I want to enter, or an alley or street that looks interesting (please don't enter random alleys alone),  I'm not going to want a guide to tell me not to because I might disrupt the tour.

So, I may have to scrap off a few minutes from the next stop and share a bullet point summary, but we'll manage! I'm also more interested in sharing the really interesting stuff that few tell you about. The real stories behind all the awesome sights you see during your tour. Also, this isn't going to be your typical tour. Wander with Nada is about exploring a different Dubai and Abu Dhabi where you'll hear some history and contemporary tidbits, have a charming adventure, and make a local friend.

What else? 

As many of my guests' stays in Dubai and Abu Dhabi may be short, my firm philosophy is that they should enjoy every minute they spend in each city. From the time the wanderings are booked until the return home, I will ensure that my fabulous guests have plenty of guidance and tips on everything UAE related. Whether you're overwhelmed with hotel options, losing sleep over where to eat, or dazed by the number of desert safari companies, I will narrow down that list for you. I'll also make sure I pull whatever strings I have to get you that reservation. In brief, I'll ensure my guests have a practically perfect vacation in every way.

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