There’s nothing like visiting Dubai and Abu Dhabi and wandering around the emirates on your own private tour. You have nothing against other tourists, but it’s nice to move around at your own pace and to pick the places you want to go and see. 

So I’ll plan your private excursions just for you based on your interests. That could mean anything from culture, photography, food, art, shopping, or just pure and simple sightseeing with a local. I’ll ask you a few questions about yourself and what’s on your must-see list. Then I’ll get back to you and share my 2 cents (or in this case, fils) on what works, what doesn’t, what’s included, and a price quote.


If you're a company that wants to take its fantastic employees out for your annual get together, this is a great way to socialize with your peers! P.S No suits or corporate talk allowed.

So. How do we do this? Simple. Fill out the form below.

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When would you like the private tour?
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Once you press that submit button, I’ll put on my thinking cap, and work on putting together an ideal itinerary that we’ll both enjoy together! Or if you simply want to do any of my group tours in private, just note that down.