Once you answer my wake-up calls, we’ll start the day by marching (not literally, just light walking involved) the streets of old Dubai stopping by a few enchanting sights and witnessing the city’s dynamic history woven by its people.  My goal is to take you through a journey of tales to show you just how the small Arab village became a top destination city throughout the sands of time. We'll learn about the city's incredible leadership, people, and their traditions. We’ll pass by the souks where once upon a time, vendors were only known by their names so you would often find a buyer shouting out ‘ALI’ in search for his trusted vegetable vendor. There, you can practice your haggling skills and have the 'kteer ghalee' (very expensive) debate to score your best price. We'll also hop on a traditional wooden abra boat and cross over the magnificent Dubai Creek. Once we've wandered for a few hours,  I guarantee your stomachs will be grumbling loud enough to guide us themselves to one of Dubai’s best eats where you can eat, drink tea, and be merry. 

  • Price: The price per person, 12 y/o and above, is 365 Dirhams, (approx 100 USD). Payments are to be made in cash in person when we meet! Children, 11 y/o and below, are on the house (free of charge)!  
  • Duration:  4 hours. This duration doesn't include travel time. Morning Tour: 10AM. Afternoon Tour: 4PM.
  • Number of wanderers: I can accommodate up to 12 wanderers in 1 tour. 
  • When: Anytime of the year when walking is still an option. Fridays excluded (that's the holy day and some places are closed). 
  • Where: The meeting point is the Al Ras Metro Station, Entrance #2 in Deira. The farewell point is near the Al Fahidi Metro Station in Bur Dubai.
  • Transportation: This tour does not include transportation from/to the hotel. I will provide you with detailed steps on how to get there and out easily and inexpensively by metro or cab. 
  • Tour: 4 hours of wandering in Dubai's old streets and markets. Includes admission fees to selected sights and a local meal + drink.
  • Guide: A fantastic tour with a local guide who's happy to show you around the city and answer all your questions.
  • Meals: The tour includes lunch or dinner (1 main dish, water, and tea) as the grand finale. Vegetarian options are minimal but are available. Anything additional will be covered at your own cost.
  • Haggling Tips: A few tips and tricks on how to haggle for your souvenirs.
  • My 2 fils: From the time the wanderings are booked until the return home, I will be happy and available to provide any recommendations, my opinion, or general help for your stay here. 

So. How do we do this? Simple. Follow the 3 steps below. 

Steps to book your tour in Dubai

1. Check my availability on the calendar below for the Good Morning or Afternoon Dubai Tour. 

2. Book your tour using the form below. Complete all the fields in the form and press Submit.

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3. You'll receive a confirmation email and a somewhat vague itinerary. In efforts to keep you on your toes, I'll give you a brief overview and the important bits you need to know about where and when we meet. Also, please remember to bring a valid form of ID with you. Can't wait to wander with you!

If you'd like to opt for a cosier tour, check out my Private Tours!