Hidden Gems Around the World

Hidden Gems Around the World

In celebration of the UAE's 46th National Day, I asked my awesome followers to share a hidden gem they had discovered from their own wandering experiences around the world 🌎. Big thank you to everyone who participated! I absolutely loved learning about every one and sincerely hope I will one day be able to experience them as well. Happy reading! Image captured by adamhillyeah.

Amman, Jordan

Reem, a hole-in-the-wall shawerma stand in Amman, Jordan. Best beef shawermas I’ve ever had, rolled up in Arabic bread with tomatoes, onions, and a special sauce for just 1JD! Grab 2 while you’re at it because you’ll definitely want seconds (and thirds and fourths...). Posted by: wanderwithnada  

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Lombardo’s burgers in Amsterdam! Not much seating so prepare to eat on the go.. Soooo good! Posted by: ahahadi

The pancake factory in Amsterdam! Posted by: ma3eesh

Arizona, United States of America

🌟My hidden gem 💎 is located about 30 miles outside Flagstaff, Arizona. A couple months out of the year the snow runoff melts and creates the Grand Falls (that flow into the Little Colorado River). What makes them special is that they are dramatic, tall & spectacular, form rainbows in the spray, and are even chocolate colored...as if they are Willie Wonka’s ‘Chocolate Waterfalls’!🍫 Because they are remote and on Navajo land, they require a little extra effort, but definitely one of our family’s recommended 👍memorable & unique finds💫. Posted by jujublack7

Berlin, Germany

Came across a very cool screening on German history at the Marie Elisabeth Luders building in Berlin! The projection was on the architecture of the building with all these laser and water effects! Free to sit on the steps and watch! Super cool and runs through summer nights! Posted by raisaa_m

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A small café in the corner that serves awesome Biryani. Dubai international airport T3, at the end of other restaurants. Posted by piratelegal

Hong Kong, China

There is a fantastic noodle hut in Hong Kong at the Chai Wan station. The best part is that it's open late till 4 or 5am! I went when I had pretty bad jet lag and found this gem. Posted by dotonherway

Istanbul, Turkey

Ali Usta in Eminonu, Istanbul. It’s a tiny place located between two historical buildings, not more than 5 sqmt and there are no seats, no waiters. He makes and serves delicious ‘cigkofte’ i have ever had. You can call this traditional dish as ‘steak tartar a la turca’. Hope to visit Istanbul together and explore more hidden gems that i know;) Posted by dilarajun

Kalinga, Philippines

In the heart of the mountains lives a 100 year old traditional tattoo artist named Whang Od. This is a hidden gem for a tattoo enthusiast. It is located in Buscalan, Kalinga, a 15 hour drive north of Manila, Philippines. If you watched Moana, it is the same method they used. It's like treasure hunting just to go there but the feeling is surreal. ✒  Posted by erikumosu

Kerala, India

Wayanad is a rural district in Kerala state, southwest India. In the east, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a lush, forested region with areas of high altitude, home to animals including Asiatic elephants, tigers, leopards and egrets. In the Ambukuthi Hills to the south, Edakkal Caves contain ancient petroglyphs, some dating back to the Neolithic age. Posted by deepakmannazhi

London, England

An institution as old as time itself, you'll find Bosphorus Kebabs nestled in South Kensington on Old Brompton Road in London. A hole in the wall that does banging kebabs. It gets cold in the winter since they don't have doors and can probably fit 10 people, but you can always do takeaway or just wait since it won't take more than 15 mins for a 'table' to free up. It's rough though, not really first date material, unless you want to lower her expectations, but it's unbelievable and you can thank me later. Posted by mohize

Luang Prabang, Laos

If visiting Laos, the city of Luang Prabang has the monks who receive Alms in the morning. If you get up early enough, you can witness this humbling and moving experience. You might even be able to participate if you have a sash to wear over your shoulder and some sticky rice to pass out. The monks are given these alms as a gift for them to continue in their life of humility and poverty for enlightenment and education. The people giving these alms are then blessed by the monks. Posted by adamhillyeah

Tongariro, New Zealand

My hidden gem is from the North Island in New Zealand. It is near the Tongariro National Park also known as Mt Doom from Lord of the Rings. There is an "off the beaten path" Glow Worm Cave called Okupata Cave that we had all to ourselves. A little challenge in finding but worth the incredible experience of seeing the Glowworms in a non-tourist setting. Posted by daveblack8000

Porivarai, India

A hidden gem that I’ve found is a tiny village called Porivarai in the Nilgiri mountain ranges in South India. About 60km away from Ooty is this small village nestled in the hills and a 3 hour trek through the dense forests takes you to a group of rocks that have inscriptions on them of which carbon dating by archaeologists has put them at 10,000 years old !!! It’s a must visit if in India! The tranquility experienced while trekking to the spot is unbelievable as are the spectacular views from up there of the valley below and the lake in the valley. Look it up. Posted by shetty1313

Rome, Italy

Mine would have to be a little street food stall hidden somewhere behind the Colosseum in Rome called Pasta Chef. Barely any tables or chairs, you just grab the best pasta in the world and sit down on the pavement nearby. To die for 😍😍. Posted by dana_eats

Seville, Spain

My last hidden gem I found was today. I am wandering in Seville, Spain. The second biggest Cathedral in Europe (after Saint Peters in Vatican City) is build on the foundation of a mosque. Seville has been conquered by the Persians that built a Mosque. When Ferdinand the third conquered the city back, all Islam symbolic value remained. Even today one of the entrances of the Church is still from that Mosque as it has never been taken down. Posted by roger_van_gelder

Tarsus, Turkey

I trusted Google maps for a gem in Tarsus, Turkey. I was wandering in the town and wanted to eat something locally famous and checked it on Google maps. Ömür Kebap is famous for its delicious kebap. You will also love their own made laban ayran on a hot summer day. Posted by ziggytheking

Tokyo, Japan

Breakfast at Daiwa sushi outside the bustling tsukiji fish market in Tokyo! You will need to stand in line for at least an hour to finally get seated at one of the 12 chairs at the bar. You never get asked what you want, the chef just keeps randomly placing pieces on your board till you say stop. I left not having any idea what I ate, just that it was the most delicious meal of my life 🙌🏽. Posted by imanok

Meiji shrine in Tokyo. Posted by zahiyahassan

Yerevan, Armenia

I must say there is this underground bar in Yerevan Armenia, where we can meet up with strangers around the globe, have a good conversation and a good time. The best part is that no one can hold a phone. Posted by amy_flatshoes

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