contact Numbers to save in Dubai


Save your airline's contact number on your phone before you travel. If you miss/change/cancel your flight, you'll be able to reach the airline much quicker by phone, rather than in person at customer service desks which can sometimes have lengthy queues.


Note your hotel's address and contact number down so you can always find your way back if you get lost in the city. Also, in the event that you need any assistance or guidance of where and what to do in Dubai, the hotel's concierge desk will be more than happy to help you out and make bookings on your behalf when you call in.


Find out the contact details and location of your country's consulate or embassy in the UAE. In the unfortunate event that you misplace your passport or require any assistance, they need to be informed immediately. Keep in mind that their opening hours are usually early in the day. Also, all embassies are located in Abu Dhabi.


Taxis in Dubai are plentiful but can run amiss during peak hours. You can book a public cab in Dubai by calling 04-2080808. All public cabs are metered and have a minimum cab fare of 12 Dirhams. Alternatively, you can download and use ride apps such as Careem which are almost within the same price range as public cabs (unless there's traffic). Better yet, they're offering you a 20% discount off of your first 3 rides*, by entering promo code 'wanderwithcareem' when you book. This offer is valid until 30th December 2019. So get Careem-ing! Find out more here.

Emergency Services

In the event of any serious emergencies or accidents anywhere in the UAE, contact Police by dialing 999. If you require Ambulance Services, dial 998. If you require the Fire Department's Services, dial 997. Calls to these numbers are free and can be made from international numbers as well.


Write down your bank's international phone number to call in case you require any assistance while traveling. Banks may sometimes block your card if they notice any international transactions, so make sure to let them know in advance of your travel plans. Also, in the event that your card gets lost, stolen, or swallowed by an ATM, you'll need to let your bank know so they can block your account, and prevent any transactions. 

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