dubai travel guide - 10 Must Haves for Your Vacation in Dubai


Although Dubai is known for its sun and hot temperatures, it does get colder from December to February. Temperatures can drop to about 10 to 15 degrees Celsius at night, so be prepared and pack a jacket for your trip. Also, you’ll need a light jacket to weather the cold airconditioning in some of the Dubai malls and metro stations!

Comfortable Walking Shoes

For many first-time visitors to Dubai, you’re likely to have a very busy schedule cramming as many sights as possible into your short stay here. So to save your feet from the inevitable blisters, I’d recommend packing super comfortable shoes with socks.

Evening Footwear

Although some restaurants and bars in hotels may let in guests in casual footwear, many others have a smarter dress code and do not allow trainers or sport shoes. Ladies can enter with flat sandals or heels. Men, however, must be wearing closed shoes.


A must if you’re hitting the beach or pool, to protect your wandering feet from the hot sand and floors. Flipflops are also ideal for desert safaris as you’ll be walking on fine sand which will definitely get in your shoes. Plus nothing beats the feeling of your feet in the sand!


There’s a good chance you’ll visit one of Dubai’s awesome beaches or pools. Be sure to bring your swimsuit to enjoy the turquoise waters. If you’re here for some serious beach or pool therapy, I’d make sure to pack at least 2 swimsuits so that they have time to fully dry between wears.


Whether you’re wandering in the city, the beach, or the desert, sunscreen is a must. Opt for a non-greasy sunscreen lotion for both body and face with a minimum SPF 30, to be applied at least 30 minutes before you step outside.  Make sure to reapply after swimming or if sweating as the sunscreen tends to get washed off.


A crucial travel accessory unless you’d like to spend half of your days in Dubai squinting. Opt for sunnies with 100% UVA/UVB protection. Reflective shades add a wonderful dose of color to your pictures (which you'll be taking many of).

Sanitizing Wipes & Gel

Even in Dubai’s hotels which seem spotless, germs also like to enjoy the fabulous hospitality we have so use wipes to disinfect common areas. When wandering in the city, make sure to carry the wipes and/or gel in your backpack or purse as they’ll in handy after using public transportation or services.

Motion Sickness Tablets

Even if you think you’ve been on ships or in cars long enough to develop a tolerance, this is absolutely necessary if you have a cruise or safari booked in Dubai. These excursions typically last for several hours, and safaris may involve bumpy dune bashing, so carry the tablets around to keep the nausea at bay. The only tablets permitted and sold in Dubai are Dizinil, sold in all local pharmacies over the counter.


A government issued ID from your home country is probably the best way to guarantee entry to bars and clubs which only admit guests over 21, regardless of who’s drinking. Original passports and driver licenses are widely accepted. 

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