Dubai’s mucho diverse culture is one of the many reasons why we love it. The city does not disappoint when it comes to its many culinary experiences. You can easily grab a fantastic falafel sandwich for a mere $2 or opt to indulge in its many break-the-bank-but-oh-so-good 5 star restaurants.

So when guests visit, I go as far as recommending not only my favorite Arabian restaurants, but also specific dishes to try. OCD much? Yes. But it’s only because I firmly believe that ONE of the best ways to experience a city is through your gut!  

So NOW I’ve come up with an even better way to guarantee guests have those perfect dining experiences in Dubai….

….by cooking the meals themselves!*

*(with a chef and myself carefully overseeing ofcourse)

  • Price: 376 Dirhams per person.

  • Duration: Approx. 4 hours including driving time.

  • Meeting Time: 10:15AM. Farewell Time: 2:30PM.

  • Number of wanderers: The tour can accommodate up to 12 wanderers in 1 tour. The minimum no. of guests is 2.

  • When: Select dates currently showing for December and January. Also available on request. Let me know here!

  • Transportation: This tour includes transportation from/to Dubai World Trade Center Metro Station. Exact meet-up location to be shared in the confirmation email. Guests who wish to stay at the venue for longer or go elsewhere, can certainly do so and can arrange their own return trip by taxis which are easily accessible.

  • Refunds and Exchanges Policy: Please review in full here.

  • Tour: 3 hours of mastering the art of Arabian cuisine and its zesty flavors which you also get to feast on once the timer’s up! Plus a surprise giveaway. Also included: transportation from/to Dubai World Trade Center Metro Station.

  • Guide: The company of 2 guides: myself and the in-house chef, who are both eager to introduce you to our traditional Arabian cuisine, let you in on our grandmas’ secret recipes, and share our insightful food opinions.

  • Meals: Includes 3 starters, 1 main course (vegetarian option also available), 1 dessert, water, and your choice of either tea or coffee. Anything additional will be covered at your own cost. Guests with any allergies should contact me in advance here to confirm if we can accommodate you!

  • My 2 fils: From the time of booking until the return home, I will be happy and available to provide any recommendations or general help for your stay here.