Before the skyscrapers, Dubai’s story was that of a small village that sat on the edge of a vast desert. Life at the time was only sustainable with the aid of a camel, the ship of the desert, who would transport the Bedouins for thousands of miles in nomadic cycles. Wander with me across its golden dunes on a camel farm as we discover where the desert-dwellers once roamed. We’ll enjoy a meet and greet with the camels over tea and logaimat sweets, and hop on for a royal ride to the Bedouin tents for an intimate gathering with other culturally curious wanderers. Prepare to be fascinated by the beauty of the magnificent desert as we hear the sounds of the wind whispering through the ghaf trees. We'll discover how simple life under the tent was like for the Bedouins and how they adapted to their limited and priceless resources. As we unravel their traditions and survival tactics, we’ll listen to the indigenous Emirati music and poetry which were always a part of every gathering. We'll also savor the rich aromas of the Emirati dinner prepared before our eyes which we’ll later enjoy under the stars, as the sun sinks toward the horizon. The evening is only complete after we've enjoyed a cup (or several) of freshly roasted Arabic coffee, kahwa, served in true Arabian style.

  • Experience: An outstanding nomadic experience, designed for guests looking for an intimate and memorable adventure with a dedicated team.

  • Price: The experience is offered on a flat fee basis for groups of 1 to 4 guests, and an additional fee for every extra guest. Please submit an inquiry using the form below indicating the group size. Once submitted, a quote will be provided.

  • Duration: Approx. 5 hours on the camel farm. Driving time is approx. 1 hour each way depending on the guests' location.

  • Number of wanderers: This is a private experience booked per group so I can accommodate any group size.

  • When: Anytime of the year when the desert is visit-able and the farm is available!

  • Transportation: Private bus transportation with a driver will be provided to pick up and drop off guests from their desired location in Dubai.

  • Refunds and Exchanges Policy: Please review in full here.

  • Tour: A tour of a lifetime in Dubai's desert learning about its fascinating eco-system and cultural history, and enjoying a dinner under the stars.

  • Guide: A fantastic tour with a local guide who's happy to share the city's tales and answer all your questions.

  • Camel Ride: Enjoy a ride with the ships of the desert as they navigate their way through the dunes.

  • Meals: The tour includes several courses of an Emirati dinner, water, and coffee as the grand finale. Vegetarian options are also available, but are minimal.

  • My 2 fils: From the time of booking until the return home, I will be happy and available to provide any recommendations or general help for your stay here.

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*Please note that the camel desert safari experience is conducted in partnership with a third party provider, as I don't have any camel friends of my own! ;)